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Care and cooperation are at the heart of Medical Centre Zwaansvliet: cooperation between you and your care provider, but also between the individual care providers who have set up practice in the medical centre. After all, it is by working together that we can offer you the best of care.

One of the benefits of our cooperation is that you have easy and swift access. If your doctor at Zwaansvliet is of opinion that physiotherapy is required in order to relieve your complaint you can instantly book an appointment for physiotherapy at one and the same desk, and we will then see to it that you are quickly attended to. This cooperation works both ways: when you take treatment in our practice and we hold the view that your family doctor should be consulted we try to arrange this on the same day.

Apart from providing specialised monodisciplinary care we offer chain care. This includes healthcare products for specific groups of patients in which care providers in Medical Centre Zwaansvliet are involved. Right now we are working together with the cardiologists practising at Zwaansvliet, developing the ‘cardiac failure’ exercising programme for cardiology patients. We intend to launch this in the first half of 2018. In that case you will be able to work on your physical recovery and strength at Physiotherapy Zwaansvliet after consultation with your cardiologist and under professional, specialised coaching and supervision. Your cardiologist and our specialised physiotherapists will see to it that you follow a customised rehabilitation programme; all in the same location.